Sponsorship and Promotion

The event host and participating teams may promote themselves, their programs, and their sponsors as part of the broadcast. Review the Sponsorship/Promotion section of the documentation for details and limitations.

Promo Methods

Generally promotions may be included in these formats:

  • Commentator Reads: pre-written script provided to the commentators to read during breaks in gameplay. These are (mostly*) retained in the VOD recording.

  • Break Slides: Pre/Post game and during halftime we run a rotation of fullscreen graphics and other media. These are cut from VOD recordings.

  • On Screen Graphics: typically logos, QR codes, and other prompts that may be placed in the video feed during game stoppages. These are (mostly*) retained in the VOD recording.

We are open to exploring other promotional methods. Pre-recorded video/audio advertisements are not allowed on Remote Studio platforms.

*some game stoppages are cut from the VOD version. This most often occurs when a stoppage lasts more than 2 minutes (official review, injury, etc).

Things to Promote

  • Team Merch

  • Upcoming Events

  • Tryouts

  • Fundraisers/Community Partners

  • Sponsors (products and services)

Studio Customization

The design of the Remote Studio may be customized for your event. This includes the backgrounds and layout of the visual elements.

The default look of the Remote Studio includes WFTDA's branding (pink) with host team or event logo. Custom replacements for these defaults may be provided by the event.

Default WFTDA Studio

Examples of event specific studio designs

Graphic and Media Formats

Any media format/file type is acceptable. Editable file formats such as eps, ai, psd, etc. are preferred in case modifications must be made.

All full screen graphic elements including break slides, studio backgrounds, title pages, etc. should be 1920x1080 resolution (minimum) and conform to a 16x9 aspect ratio.

Team and event logos should be provided with transparent background.

Full screen promotional slides should avoid placing critical information in the upper left corner. The upper left corner is the location of the game clock timer counting down to the next period of play.

Videos should also conform to 1920x1080 landscape/widescreen resolution.